First generation:Simple type

Equipment feature: the line mainly consists of main machine. It could satisfy basic roll forming requirement. But the line with obviously defect: speed normally lower than 10m/min, need large quantity labors, instability in quality of final product.
Second generation: Economic type

Equipment feature: Add numerical control system on simple type machine, speed usually around 10m/min. Production efficiency is great improved as the usage of numerical and electric control. Also product quality is great improved. Along with industry improved and human cost increased, the machine efficiency cannot satisfy the market requirements, and the quality is not good in some extent.

Third generation: Transition type

Equipment feature: the line is designed to satisfy high performance numerical control line requirement of modern top grade steel company. Speed usually is above 20m/min. Un-coiler is changed to motor or simple hydraulic type from former simple type, and control system with big improved. Profiles are produced on line without further process, many sets of data could be input for one time to continuously produce. Speed improve one time than second generation, but production efficiency is improved more than three-fold. Also the machine is designed based on the features of practicability,  reliability, safety and high efficiency etc.

Fourth generation: benefit type
Equipment feature:

1.Automation aspect

Full automatic line, speed is usually around 45m/min or more, hydraulic un-coiler and coil car feeds. Control system is improved in large extent. Fulfill whole line automation. One operator could operate the line. The line
with remote control and auto stacking device.

2.Structure aspect

Quick change torri structure, line with good rigidity and stability, could produce many precise profile on one line.
The fourth generation line adopts & improved European and American roll forming technology. So it with the advantage of high automatic degree, production efficiency, stability& reliability and interchangeability, also with
Chinese economy feature

Fifth generation.: intelligent type

Whole line control system is connected with internet: just input data in office, remote operation could be achieved. With remote detect and maintenance functions. After feeding coils, whole line could automatic produce
without operator, could satisfy the requirements of high speed and high precise.

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