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PU Sandwich Panel Continuous Production Line

Equipment overview:
The PU sandwich panel continuous production line is composed of un-coiler, feeding, Cut off & butt connection, filming, rib/forming, preheating, foam generator, continuous solidify, cutting, stacking and packing etc.
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Equipment overview:
The PU continuous production line composed of un-coiler, Cut off the docking, filming, rib/forming, preheating, foaming, continuous solidify, cutting, stacking and packing etc. with high Automation and stable performance.

Technical parameters:

Coil types pre painted coil/stainless steel
Coil thickness 0.35-0.80mm
Coil weight Max: 10T/7.5T(option)
Coil width Max: 1250mm
Length of roll forming unit Approx: 35-40m
Coil inner diameter Standard: Ø508mm
Coil outer diameter Max: Ø1100mm
Line speed: 1.5-12m/min
Constringent air Max: 4-9Kg/cm2
Power 380V/50Hz
Roll former type Used in roof, wall and refrigeratory
Panel (grooving, SS, RP, boltless)
Operation height From the ground: 1300mm


                                              PU Sandwich panel continuous production line
The PU sandwich panel made of upper and bottom both metal steel panel and inject the PU liquid inside of them then after curing and then extrusion.
Superior Polyurethane adhesive property can make whole block between foam and metal panel and not need other material to stick again.
The metal panels can be extruded to various shapes and assure high stiffness and capacity
Introduction of production line

Uncoiling area:
Uncoiling area includes two sets uncoilers, Roller Conveyors, sending device, cutting device, filming device etc.
Roll forming area:
There are upper and lower roll forming machine and quick change system, it is possible to produce various profiles to meet diversified demands.
Foaming area:
Foaming area composed of High pressure PU foaming machine , casting machine and double crawler etc.
PU provided foaming machine with electrical metering mechanism, automatic coil provided system to insure the material mixed according to ratio, spraying equally, the double crawler with accurate temperature control system and safety foaming processing to assure foaming equally and stable.
Saw cutting area:
Saw cutting area includes saw and milling machine to finish scale cut off.
Stacking and packing
Stacking and packing consists of fast transiting conveyer, automatic turn-over, stacking and packing system etc. it is easy to assure the production on line and avoid damage and losing during transiting to improve the production efficiency.
Automatic control system:
The production adopts Siemens control system, Humanized interface easy to operate, monitor and adjust the parameters to assure production running stable and effectively.
The production line is designed after study and research abroad advanced technology, which provided with international advanced lever
                                                                                                            PU Sandwich panel

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