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PV Mounting Profiles

Xinxiang Tianfeng Machinery Manufacture Co., cold-formed and cold-formed profiles of professional equipment manufacturers.

Metal framing system pipe / conduit, by our roll forming machine production, it is widely used in functional electrical, mechanical, engineering, installation of water and many other industries, tube / pipe system is to support and assist: pipes, lighting, conveyor belts, cables and wires and other buildings.
Product has many advanced features, such as high-precision, easy installation, good structural loading effect, in which different models can be set free, to meet the different needs of customers. We also according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of different types of products.
Meanwhile, we also provide processing services and customer acceptance OEM services. If demand, please contact me.
C-shaped porous support channel
Material: cold rolled steel / pre-galvanized, steel
Surface treatment: PG / glycol / HDG
Size: 41x41 41x21 41x62 (size according to customer requirements)
Thickness: 2.0mm-2.5mm
Methods commonly used combinations: